A free community calendar for Tioga county – find volunteer opportunities, food pantry hours, kids activities, local entertainment and more. Local businesses and community members can submit their events, and each organizer will automatically have their own personalized “upcoming events” page for easy sharing anywhere else.

This website was created as part of Mobius Path Inc, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Tioga County, NY.

A personal message from the designer of this website:

Hi! My name is Luca, and I moved to Tioga County in 2018 – without knowing anyone in the area. It was really hard to meet anyone or find stuff to do, and the pandemic didn’t help anything. Over the years, I found out about a lot of great things happening in the area… But I still sometimes only find out about things after they’re already over. I wish it had been easier in the first place, and I’m sure there’s still tons of stuff I don’t know about. I hope this website helps others in the community, and visitors, find out about what’s going on in our area!

~ Luca iorga